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FinOS micro-lending solution consists of two cores


A plug-and-play technology solution that supports the end-to-end lending lifecycle; the solution can be implemented with minimal IT efforts for both online and offline channels.

Product distribution and
Lender network

Immediate access to FinOS' huge & expanding network of product distributors and offering loans in these product distributors is only one-click away.

We provide a fast and easy lending experience​

FinOS’ underlying machine learning engine is embedded in every single step of our micro-lending solution and make loan origination process become extremely fast, simple and paperless.

1. KYC

Character & Facial recognition, as well as motion detection.

2. Customer Onboarding

Real-time data integrity assessment.

3. Underwriting

Instant credit scoring & algorithmic decisioning.

4. Agreement & Disbursement

Signature recognition & fraud detection.​

5. Collection & Recovery

Late payment alert & borrower location notification.

We benefit the eco-system


Instant access to large customer pools that are otherwise difficult or expensive to reach.

Eco-system Players

More sales & conversions, with an average conversion rate increase of 10-20% and average consumption increase of 30-40%*
(Based on case examples with similar players in China and in the US ).


Instant, paperless, mobile experience with compelling rates and terms.

We are currently looking for both financial institutions and ecosystem players (product distributors) to partner with us and/or to join our network and to jointly revolutionize the financial industry

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